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Published online August 28, 2023


Kong Choua Thao; Abir T. El-Alfy, PhD, MS; Kristin Busse, PharmD, BCPS

Published online August 21, 2023


Audit of Sex and Gender Medicine Topics in Preclinical School of Medicine Curriculum
Kendall Trieglaff, BS; Madeline J. Zamzow, BS; Bryn Sutherland, BA; Amy Farkas, MD, MS; Sandra Pfister, PhD

The Impact of a Scholarly Concentration Program on Medical Student Research in Pediatrics
Adam S. Bauer, MD; Pamela J. Kling, MD; Vera Tsenkova, PhD; Ethan Rosen, BS; Elizabeth Petty, MD

Teaching Students to Care (Coordinate): A Randomized Controlled Trial
Lara Voigt, MD; James McCarthy, MD; Ankur Segon, MD, MPH


Age-Appropriate Cancer Screenings Through a Dermatology Lens
Brandon Calley, BS; Philip Berce, MD, PharmD; Catherine K. Chang, BS; Sophia Neman, BA; Ana Maria Viteri, BS; Alexander Means, MD; Olushola L. Akinshemoyin Vaughn, MD


Amiodarone Pharmacovigilance Through an Intelligent Electronic Health Record Application
Olivia R. Newgaard, BA; Rajeev Chaudhry, MBBS, MPH; Jenny A. Schutte, RN; Richard Arndt, PharmD; Jennifer R. Rich, MPH; Andrew D. Calvin, MD, MPH; Richard D. Hanna, MD

Medical Student Well-being Outcomes After a Novel Shared Meal and Resiliency Skills Course
Jessica C. Babal, MD; Liana Eskola, DO; Andrea Jones, MD; Roger J Schultz, BS; Jens C. Eickhoff, PhD


A Case That Will Take Your Breath Away: Acquired Methemoglobinemia Related to Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole and Phenazopyridine Ingestion for Treatment of Urinary Tract Infection
Vinay Sharma, MD; Kevin Robertson, MD; Jason Domagalski, MD

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