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Published online June 3, 2024


Abortion Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions of Obstetrics and Gynecology Residents at Four Midwestern Residency Programs Prior to Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health
Abigail S. Cutler, MD, MPH; Elise S. Cowley, BS; Jessika A. Ralph, MD, MSCI; Jessie Chen, MD; Amy Godecker, PhD, MS; Jordan Ward, MD; Sarah Hutto, MD, MPH, Laura Jacques, MD

The Burden of Burnout and Importance of Mentorship for Preclinical Medical Students: Perspectives From a Public University Medical School
Angela Kristo, BS; Elizabeth M. Petty, MD


Qualitative Pilot Study: Longitudinal Perspectives From People Who Had Second Trimester Abortions for Fetal Anomaly
Elise S. Cowley, BS*; Taryn M. Valley, MA*; Kelsey Christianson, BA; Suzanne Walczak, MD; Jessica A. Greenblatt, MD; Laura Jacques, MD

Assessment of a Pilot Peer Support Program for Suicide Prevention on a Medical School Campus: Impact on Awareness, Stigma, and Self-Efficacy for Outreach
Cassandra Balson, BS; Justin York, BS; David Cipriano, PhD; Jeffery D. Fritz, PhD; Sara Kohlbeck, PhD, MPH; Shane Huang, MS; Margaret Lieb, MS


Peripartum Uterine Clostridial Myonecrosis: A Report of Two Fatal Cases
Laura Jacques, MD; Bridget Kelly, MD; John Soehl, MD; Matthew Wagar, MD; Janine Rhoades, MD; Elise S. Cowley, BS; Peter G. Pryde, MD; Abigail Cutler, MD; David Eschenbach, MD

Anisocoria Following Uncomplicated Cataract Surgery
Jennifer Larson, MD; Madeline Arzbecker, BS

An Unusual Case of Disseminated Erdheim-Chester Disease
Samira Samant, MD; Andrii Puzyrenko, MD, PhD; Haisam Abid, MD


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