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August 27, 2021


Medical Student Burnout as Impacted by Trait Emotional Intelligence – Moderated by Three-Year and Four-Year Medical Degree Programs and Gender
Robert Treat, PhD; William J. Hueston, MD; Jeff Fritz, PhD; Amy Prunuske, PhD; Craig J. Hanke, PhD


The Risks of Reflexive Refilling
Olivia R. McCarty, MD; Margaret Pertzborn, PharmD; Paul A. Bergl, MD

Student Leadership Development Initiative: Benefits of a Unique Medical Student Organization
Allison R. Linehan, MD; Alexander R. Chartier, MD; Yizeng He, BA; Michael Sobin, MD; William J. Hueston, MD; John R. Meurer, MD, MBA


Evidence of Early Household Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Involving a School-aged Child
Jonathan L. Temte, MD, PhD; Shari Barlow, BA; Emily Temte, BA; Maureen Goss, MPH; Kelsey Florek, PhD, MPH; Katarina M. Braun, MD; Thomas C. Friedrich, PhD; Erik Reisdorf, MS; Allen C. Bateman, PhD, MPH; Amra Uzicanin, MD, MPH

Opioid Overdose Mortality Trends in Wisconsin, 2004-2019
Erin C. Nacev, MD, MPH; Marina C. Jenkins, BA; Calvin W. Lee, PharmD, MPH

Verbal Amnesia Secondary to Unilateral Infarct of the Mediodorsal Thalamic Nucleus
Haley Pysick, MD; Donn Dexter, MD; Christopher Lindsay, MD

July 28, 2021


Quality of Dietary Intake in Children With Developmental Disabilities: A Pilot Study
Andrea Moosreiner, MPH, RD, CD; Michele Polfuss, PhD, RN, CPNP-AC/PC; Bethany Forseth, PhD, MS

Does a Centralized Scheduling Process Improve Referral Timeliness?
Quinn Bongers, MD; Bradley H. Crotty, MD, MPH; M. Chris Decker, MD; John Fangman MD


Adverse Childhood Experiences: Perceptions, Practices, and Possibilities
Hannah T. Sherfinski, BS; Paige E. Condit, MD; Samantha S. Williams Al-Kharusy, MD; Megan A. Moreno, MD, MSEd, MPH


Community Assessment of Extreme Heat Preparedness in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Megan L. Christenson, MS, MPH; Colleen E. Moran, MS, MPH; Bria S. Grant, BS; Nicholas C. Tomaro, DVM, MPH; Jon G. Meiman, MD


Austrian Syndrome – A Rare Clinical Triad
Lauren E. Watchmaker, BA; Dana Ley, MD; Bartho Caponi, MD


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