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Pharmacotherapy Updates

Published quarterly beginning in April 2022, Pharmacotherapy Updates aim to provide detailed information about current, cutting-edge topics in the pharmacy world to readers stay abreast of new developments in medications and their uses. Click here

Post-COVID-19: Lessons Learned From the Pandemic and Its Aftermath

The Wisconsin Medical Journal is seeking papers for a special issue examining lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath. Consideration will be given to original research, review articles, case reports and brief reports, as well as commentaries and narratives. Read more

Exploring the Impact of Race and Racism on Health in Wisconsin

A special issue of WMJ published in 2021 explores the impact of race and racism on the health of people in Wisconsin. Access the issue here, and click here and access a repository of related content published previously in WMJ.


Click here for a repository of COVID-19-related content published in WMJ.


Award-winning abstracts for oral presentations, posters, and vignettes presented at professional meetings and research forums. Click here