University of Wisconsin–Madison Medical College of Wisconsin

Volume 107, Issue 2

April 2008

Prevention: The Patient’s Role

With spring upon us — whether it seems like it or not — the seasonal problems of sunburn and sinuses aren’t far behind. This Wisconsin Medical Journal includes articles that focus on some of these issues and the role patients can play in prevention of related health conditions.

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In This Issue
Sinuses, Sunburn, and Prevention
John J. Frey, III, MD, WMJ Medical Editor
Wis Med J. 2008;107(2):56.

As I See It
Studying the Physician-Patient Relationship: A 21st Century Approach
Shaili Jain, MD
Wis Med J. 2008;107(2):57-58.

Special Report

What a Piece of Work is Man: The Body Worlds Exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum
Joan M. Bedinghaus, MD, FAAF; Seth L. Foldy, MD, MPH, FAAFP
Wis Med J. 2008;107(2):59-61.

Original Research

Behavior Modification and Risk Perception in Patients with Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer
John S. Rhee, MD, MPH; Melinda Davis-Malesevich, MD; Brent R. Logan, PhD; Marcy Neuburg, MD; Mary Burzynski, RN; Ann B. Nattinger, MD, MPH
Wis Med J. 2008;107(2):62-68.

Nasal Irrigation for Chronic Sinus Symptoms in Patients with Allergic Rhinitis, Asthma, and Nasal Polyposis: A Hypothesis Generating Study
David Rabago, MD; Emily Guerard, BS; Don Bukstein, MD
Wis Med J. 2008;107(2):69-75.

Practical Approach to Metabolic Evaluation and Treatment of the Recurrent Stone Patient
Gaurav Bandi, MD; Stephen Y. Nakada, MD; Kristina L. Penniston, PhD, RD
Wis Med J. 2008;107(2):91-100.

Review Articles

What’s New in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Paramjith S. Chawla, MD; Mahendr S. Kochar, MD, MS
Wis Med J. 2008;107(2):76-83.

Updated CDC Guidelines for HIV Testing: A Review for Wisconsin Practitioners
Andrew E. Petroll, MD; Carol L. Galletly, JD, PhD; Peter L. Havens, MD, MS; Maureen F. Kwiecinski, RN, JD; Steven D. Pinkerton, PhD
Wis Med J. 2008;107(2):84-90.

Your Practice

Seven Key Questions to Ask When Choosing a Financial Advisor
Leonard W. Barry, MS
Wis Med J. 2008;107(2):101-102.

Dean’s Corner
Efforts in Pharmacogenetics Will Help Patients Get Right Amount of Right Drug
Michael J. Dunn, MD
Wis Med J. 2008;107(2):103-104.

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