University of Wisconsin–Madison Medical College of Wisconsin

Volume 109, Issue 2

April 2010

Breaking the addiction: Wisconsin cessation programs help patients end tobacco dependence

Since the launch of the Wisconsin Cessation Outreach Program 10 years ago, smoking rates in Wisconsin have declined nearly 20 percent. This issue of the Wisconsin Medical Journal includes two papers that look both at the program’s success and the Effectiveness of one of its initiatives, the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line.

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In Remembrance: Kim Peek, 1951-2009
Darold Treffert, MD
Wis Med J. 2010;109(2):61-62.

In This Issue
Tobacco, Hypertension, and the Environment…and a Request for Reviewers
John Frey, III, MD, WMJ Medical Editor
Wis Med J. 2010;109(2):63.

Infectious Disease and Cancer
Joseph J. Mazza, MD, MACP
Wis Med J. 2010;109(2):66-69.

Original Research

A Decade of Experience Promoting the Clinical Treatment of Tobacco Dependence in Wisconsin
Lezli A. Redmond, MPH; Robert Adsit, MEd; Kathleen H. Kobinsky, MPH, CHES; Wendy Theobald, PhD; Michael C. Fiore, MD, MPH, MBA
Wis Med J. 2010;109(2):71-78.

The Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line’s Fax to Quit Program: Participant Satisfaction and Effectiveness
Kathleen H. Kobinsky, MPH, CHES; Lezli A. Redmond, MPH; Stevens S. Smith, PhD; Patricia L. Yepassis-Zembrou, MD, MPH; Michael C. Fiore, MD, MPH, MBA
Wis Med J. 2010;109(2):79-84.

Preliminary Description of the Feasibility of Using Peer Leaders to Encourage Hypertension Self-Management
Avery Hayes, MD; Jeffrey Morzinski, PhD; Kristyn Ertl, BA; Christine Wurm, BS; Leslie Patterson, MS; Nancy Wilke, OT; Jeff Whittle, MD, MPH
Wis Med J. 2010;109(2):85-90.

Tickborne Powassan Virus Infections Among Wisconsin Residents
Diep K. Hoang Johnson, BS; J. Erin Staples, MD; Mark J. Sotir, PhD MPH; David M. Warshauer, PhD; Jeffrey P. Davis, MD
Wis Med J. 2010;109(2):91-97.

Review Article

Late Effects in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer: Considerations for the General Practitioner
Debra Schmidt, RN, MS, CPNP; Lynnette Anderson, RN, MS, CPNP; Kristin Bingen, PhD; Jennifer Hoag, PhD; Mary Jo Kupst, PhD; Anne B. Warwick, MD, MPH
Wis Med J. 2010;109(2):98-107.

Your Profession

Dean’s Corner
A Strategic Approach to Addressing Physician Workforce Needs
Robert N. Golden, MD
Wis Med J. 2010;109(2):111, 115.

MetaStar Matters
The Wisconsin Pressure Ulcer Coalition
Jay A. Gold, MD, JD, MPH; Jody Rothe, RN, WCC
Wis Med J. 2010;109(2):114-115.

2009 Foundation Fellowship Report
Community-Based HPV Vaccination for Rural Wisconsin
Michelle Clark-Forsting
Wis Med J. 2010;109(2):109.

Your Practice

WHITEC to Provide Technical Resources for Wisconsin Practices Implementing EHRs
Susan L. Turney, MD, MS, FACP, FACMPE
Wis Med J. 2010;109(2):65,113.

What is Wrong With Your Medical Staff?
Elizabeth A. Snelson, Esq.
Wis Med J. 2010;109(2):112-113.

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