University of Wisconsin–Madison Medical College of Wisconsin

Volume 112, Issue 1

February 2013

ADHD in Youth: Understanding factors leading to diagnosis

Although both genetic and environmental factors have been implicated, the exact etiology of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder is unknown. A study in this issue of WMJ explores sociocultural factors and disparities that may influence the diagnosis of ADHD in children. Better understanding of these influences can in turn lead to better treatment decisions and more informed stakeholders.

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Letter to the Editor
Mandatory Influenza Vaccine for Health Care Workers: 2012 Results
David R. Smith, MD, MPH
WMJ. 2013;112(1):6.

In This Issue
Understanding the ‘What’ Before the ‘Why’ in Population Research
John J. Frey, III, MD, WMJ Medical Editor
WMJ. 2013;112(1):9-10.

Edna at 15: Looking Back and Looking Ahead
Thomas D. Harter, PhD; Bernard J. Hammes, PhD
WMJ. 2013;112(1):11-12.

Original Research

The Potential for Sociocultural Factors in the Diagnosis of ADHD in Children
Noemi Reyes; Dennis J. Baumgardner, MD; David H. Simmons, MPH; William Buckingham, PhD
WMJ. 2013;112(1):13-17.

Informed Consent and Research Subject Understanding of Clinical Trials
Margo Hoover-Regan, MD; Tara Becker, PhD; Mary Jane Williams, MPH, BSN; Yoram Shenker, MD
WMJ. 2013;112(1):18-23.

Brief Report

An Exploratory Study of the Relation of Population Density and Agricultural Activity to Hematologic Malignancies in North Dakota
Patricia L. Watkins, MS; John M. Watkins, MD
WMJ. 2013;112(1):24-27.

Case Reports

A Case Report of Meningococcal Disease in a Neonate
Sanket Shah, MD; Jody R. Gross, MD; C. Todd Stewart, MD
WMJ. 2013;112(1):28-30.

Combined Rectovesicular Injuries from Low Velocity Penetrating Trauma in an Adult
SreyRam Kuy, MD, MHS; Panna A. Codner, MD, FACS; Michael Guralnick, MD, FRCSC; Anahita Dua, MD; Jasmeet Paul, MD
WMJ. 2013;112(1):32-34.

Your Profession

Dean’s Corner
Medical College of Wisconsin Researchers Tackle Concussions From All Angles
Joseph E. Kerschner, MD
WMJ. 2013;112(1):35-36.

MetaStar Matters
The Paul Coverdell National Acute Stroke Registry Comes to Wisconsin
Dorothy Bluma, RN; Jay A. Gold, MD, JD, MPH
WMJ. 2013;112(1):37-38.

Looking Back…to 1928
Juvenile Delinquency
R.E. Bushong, MD
WMJ. 2013;112(1):7.

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