University of Wisconsin–Madison Medical College of Wisconsin

Volume 112, Issue 4

August 2013

Increasing Communication to Improve Falls Prevention

In this issue of WMJ, three studies point to communication as a key to prevention. Whether the health issue is falls prevention in nursing homes, teenage pregnancy, or completion of advance directives, physicians and others on the health care team are reminded through these studies of the importance of talking both with patients and each other to help drive improved health outcomes.

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Letter to the Editor
Physicians as Patients in Advance Care Planning
John Maycroft, MPP
WMJ. 2013;112(4):152.

Letter to the Editor
The State of Telemedicine in Wisconsin
Rebecca A. Russell, MD; Michael T. Meyer MD; Matthew C. Scanlon, MD; Thomas B. Rice, MD
WMJ. 2013;112(4):152-153.

In This Issue
Communication as Prevention: The Value of Talking With Each Other
John J. Frey, III, MD, WMJ Medical Editor
WMJ. 2013;112(4):156-157.

Original Research

An Exploratory Study of the Use of Advance Directives by US Oncologists
Umesh M. Sharma, MD; Jonean E. Schroeder, BS, RN; Mohammed Al-Hamadani, MS; Michelle A. Mathiason, MS; Christine M. Meyer; Kathleen A. Frisby, RN, BSN; Lori A. Meyer, RN; Debbie L. Sieber, BS; Ronald S. Go, MD
WMJ. 2013;112(4):158-161.

Health Innovations

Nursing Home Staff Perception of a Falls Management Intervention
Larry J. Chapman, PhD; Astrid C. Newenhouse, PhD
WMJ. 2013;112(4):162-168.

Public Health Brief Report

Geographic and Racial Variation in Teen Pregnancy Rates in Wisconsin
Molly M. Layde; Patrick L. Remington, MD, MPH
WMJ. 2013;112(4):169-172.

Case Reports

A Case of Dabigatran-Associated Acute Renal Failure
Salman T. Shafi, MD; Hilmer Negrete, MD; Prakash Roy, MD; Carmen J. Julius, MD; Erdal Sarac, MD
WMJ. 2013;112(4):173-175.

A Case Report of Deferasirox-Induced Kidney Injury and Fanconi Syndrome
Noreen Murphy, MD; Mohsen Elramah, MD; Hemender Vats, MD; Weixong Zhong, MD, PhD; Micah R. Chan, MD MPH
WMJ. 2013;112(4):177-180.

Your Profession

Looking Back…to 1963
The National Anguish
D.N. Goldstein, MD, Editorial Director
WMJ. 2013;112(4):155.

Dean’s Corner
Population Health Improvement: Moving Beyond the Clinic and Into the Community
Robert N. Golden, MD; Karen Timberlake, JD
WMJ. 2013;112(4):181-182.

MetaStar Matters
MetaStar – Celebrating 40 Years of Improving Health Care
Jay A. Gold, MD, JD, MPH
WMJ. 2013;112(4):183.

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