University of Wisconsin–Madison Medical College of Wisconsin

Volume 115, Issue 6

December 2016


As the popularity of e-cigarettes increases, so does risk from misuse and malfunction. A report in this issue of WMJ examines the increase in frequency of e-cigarette exposure calls to the Wisconsin Poison Center, and calls for strategies to prevent future poisonings, including warning labels and public advisories to keep patients safe.

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In This Issue
Telling a Clinical Story: The Role of Case Reports in a General Journal
John J. Frey III, MD, WMJ Medical Editor
WMJ. 2016;115(6):284-285.


Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and Maternal Substance Use in Wisconsin, 2009-2014
Karina A. Atwell, MD, MPH; Harold B. Weiss, PhD, MPH, MS; Crystal Gibson, MPH; Richard Miller, MS; Timothy E. Corden, MD
WMJ. 2016;115(6):287-293.

Access to Primary Care and Subspecialty Care After Positive Cystic Fibrosis Newborn Screening
Katelyn Parker-McGill, MD, MPH; Marjorie Rosenberg, PhD; Philip Farrell, MD, PhD
WMJ. 2016;115(6):295-299.

Effectiveness of a Clinic-Based Early Literacy Program in Changing Parent-Child Early Literacy Habits
Jonathan Fricke, MD, MPH; Dipesh Navsaria, MD, MPH, MSLIS; Karin Mahony, MEd, MSW
WMJ. 2016;115(6):300-305.

Electronic Cigarette Exposure: Calls to Wisconsin Poison Control Centers, 2010–2015
Debora Weiss, DVM, MPH, MS; Carrie D. Tomasallo PhD, MPH; Jon G. Meiman, MD; Paul D. Creswell, PhD; Paul C. Melstrom, PhD; David D. Gummin, MD; Disa J. Patel, MPH; Nancy T. Michaud; Heather A. Sebero; Henry A. Anderson, MD
WMJ. 2016;115(6):306-310.

Hemodynamics During Dialysis and Changes in Cognitive Performance
Dawn Wolfgram, MD; Elisabeth Vogt, MS; Allison L. Jahn, PhD; Heather M. Smith, PhD, ABPP; Joleen Sussman, PhD; Alexis Visotcky, MS; Purushottam Laud, PhD; Jeff Whittle, MD, MPH
WMJ. 2016;115(6):311-316.


Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate and C-reactive Protein Measurements and Their Relevance in Clinical Medicine
Christopher Bray, MD, PhD; Lauren N. Bell, PhD; Hong Liang, PhD; Rasha Haykal; Farah Kaiksow, MD; Joseph J. Mazza, MD; Steven H. Yale, MD
WMJ. 2016;115(6):317-321.


Training in Urban Medicine and Public Health: Preparing Physicians to Address Urban Health Care Needs
Cynthia Haq, MD; Melissa Lemke, MA; Michelle Buelow, MD, MPH; Marjorie Stearns, MPH; Christine Ripp, MD; Patrick McBride, MD, MPH
WMJ. 2016;115(6):322-325.


Is Central Pontine Myelinolysis Reversible?
David Lee Rebedew, MD
WMJ. 2016;115(6):326-328.


Dean’s Corner
Working to Increase Access to Mental Health Care in Wisconsin
Jon A. Lehrmann, MD; Joseph E. Kerschner, MD
WMJ. 2016;115(6):329-330.

Looking Back…to 1942
Comments on Treatment: Frostbite and Allied Conditions
A.J. Quick, MD, editor
WMJ. 2016;115(6):283.


What’s Keeping You Up at Night?
W. Stancil Starnes, JD
WMJ. 2016;115(6):331-332.

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