University of Wisconsin–Madison Medical College of Wisconsin

Volume 116, Issue 4

November 2017

Tree Stand Safety

Deer hunting is popular in much of the United States and use of tree stands by hunters is common—but not without injury. A study in this issue of WMJ takes a closer look at spine and spinal cord injuries and treatment in hunters who experience a fall.

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Remembering Earl Thayer
Susan L. Turney, MD, MS

In This Issue
The Changing Face of Hospital Medicine
Sarina Schrager, MD

As I See It
Climate Change and Agriculture: Future Implications
Joseph Mazza, MD


Wisconsin Firearm Mortality, 2000-2014
Wen-Jan Tuan, MS, MPH; John J. Frey III, MD

Spine and Spinal Cord Injuries After Falls From Tree Stands During the Wisconsin Deer Hunting Season
Kimberly Hamilton, MD; Brandon Rocque, MD, MS; Nathanial Brooks, MD

Impact of Obesity on Cesarean Delivery Outcomes
Andrew J. Vegel, BS; Dana M. Benden, MD; Andrew J. Borgert, PhD; Kara J. Kallies, MS; Shanu N. Kothari, MD

Adolescent Preferences for Topics Addressed During Well Visits
Eugene C. Lee, MD


Case Report of an Ectopic Molar Pregnancy in the Presence of an Intrauterine Device
Deborah A. Simon, MD; Angela L. Smith, MA; John R. Holzhauer, MD


Hospital Medicine and Fellowship Program in Rural North Dakota – A Multifaceted Success Story
S. Shiraz Hyder, MD; Mary Amundson, MA


Looking Back…100 Years
Are You the Man? and Patriotism
L. M. Warfield, MD, Editor

Dean’s Corner
The United States’ Research Enterprise
Joseph E. Kerschner, MD

MetaStar Matters
Antibiotic Stewardship in the Outpatient Setting
DeAnn Richards, RN, BSN

Physician Advocacy is ProAssurance’s Specialty
W. Stancil Starnes, JD

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