University of Wisconsin–Madison Medical College of Wisconsin

Volume 117, Issue 3

August 2018

Big Data, Smaller Practices: What’s the answer to improving care?

Finding ways to improve the quality of care is an ongoing goal in health care, and two key efforts are highlighted in this issue of WMJ: the value of using “big data” to drive quality and the recent growth of direct primary care.

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As I See It
The Loneliness of Mental Illness at the End of Life
Eileen Ahearn, MD, PhD

In This Issue
Small Is Beautiful* – or Is It?
John J. Frey III, MD, WMJ Medical Editor


METRICS for Metrics
Melissa M. Stiles, MD; Bruce Barrett, MD, PhD; John W. Beasley, MD

Review Article

Defining the Place of Direct Primary Care in a Value-Based Care System
Lindsey E. Carlasare, MBA

Original Research

Identifying Differences in Rates of Invitation to Participate in Tobacco Treatment in Primary Care
Kristin M. Berg, MD, MS; Stevens S. Smith, PhD; Megan E. Piper, PhD; Michael C. Fiore, MD, MPH, MBA; Douglas E. Jorenby, PhD

Surveillance of Wisconsin Organisms for Trends in Antimicrobial Resistance and Epidemiology: Introduction to the Program and Summary of 2016 Geographic Variation
Erik Munson, PhD; Erin Hueppchen; Heather Zeman

Brief Report

Screening Pediatric Patients for Food Insecurity: A Retrospective Cross-Sectional Study of Comorbidities and Demographic Characteristics
Rachel Rongstad, BA; Megan Neuman, MD; Parvathy Pillai, MD, MPH; Jen Birstler, MS; Larry Hanrahan, PhD, MS

Case Reports

Ultrasound-Enabled Noninvasive Management of Inadvertent Carotid Cannulation
Stacy Libricz, PA-C; Ayan Sen, MD; Victor Davila, MD; Jeff Mueller, MD; Alyssa Chapital, MD, PhD; Samuel Money, MD

Rapid Therapeutic Response of Eosinophilic Meningoencephalitis in a Toddler With Baylisascaris procyonis Infection
Grace N. Muganda, MD; Naomi E. Akagi, BA; Olufisayo D. Fagbemi, BS; Michael J. Chusid, MD; Anika M. Nelson, MD

Your Profession

Dean’s Corner
Expanding Our Work: A Multifaceted Approach to Improving Mental Health Access
Jon Lehrmann, MD; David Peterson, MBA, FACMPE; Joseph E. Kerschner, MD; John R. Raymond Sr., MD

MetaStar Matters
Wisconsin Health Care Making Progress Toward CMS Quality Strategy Goals
Kristin Westphal, MS, and Jody Rothe, RN, DON-CLTC

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