University of Wisconsin–Madison Medical College of Wisconsin

Volume 118, Issue 2

July 2019

Climate Change

Both the immediate surroundings in which we live and the natural world as a whole can have profound effects on physical and mental health. In this issue of WMJ, authors of two studies explore the impact of environmental factors—climate change and music—on health.

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As I See It
A Starfish Approach to a Crisis of Dignity
Erik A. Ranheim, MD, PhD

In This Issue
Health and the Environment
Sarina Schrager, MD, MS, WMJ Associate Editor

Original Research

A Qualitative Study of Undergraduate Racial and Ethnic Minority Experiences and Perspectives on Striving to Enter Careers in the Health Professions
Jennifer Y. C. Edgoose, MD, MPH; Lisa Steinkamp, PT, PhD, MBA; Kong Vang, MPH; Adrienne Hampton, MD; Natalie Dosch, BS

Prevalence and Course of Treatment of Common Hip Diagnoses Presenting to a Sports Medicine Clinic
Lianna Mack, BS; C. Nathan Vannatta, PT, DPT; Cary Rasmussen, MS; Andrew Borgert, PhD

Correlation Between Climate Change and Dysphoria in Primary Care
Jonathan L. Temte, MD, PhD; John R. Holzhauer, MD; Kenneth P. Kushner, PhD

Enteric Fistula Treatment and Management: Results of an Institutional Inpatient Treatment Protocol
Nathan W. Kugler, MD; Samuel Boateng, BS; Travis P. Webb, MD; Colleen M. Trevino, PhD

Brief Reports

Effects of Personalized Music on Caregivers of Older Adults With Dementia in the Community
Lisa Quinn-Lee, PhD; Donald Mowry, PhD

Survey of Southern Wisconsin Needle Exchange Clients Regarding Opioid Overdose and Naloxone Use
Amelia Baltes, BS; Brienna Devo, MPH; Margaret Kaiser, BS; Jen Birstler, MS; Randall T. Brown, MD, PhD

A Novel Curriculum to Facilitate Career Choice in an Accelerated Medical Education Program
Sonal Chandratre, MD; Jacob Prunuske, MD, MSPH; Lisa Dodson, MD

Case Reports

Corticosteroid-Induced Psychosis After a Single Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injection
Matt Fischer, MD, MHA; Peggy Y. Kim, MD, MS, MBA

Rituximab for Salvage Therapy of Refractory Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis
Allison M. Tamm, MSN, AG-ACNP; Karol Kremens, MD

A Case of Atypical Adult Presentation of Urea Cycle Disorder
Benjamin Wang, MD; Pinky Jha, MD

Your Profession

Dean’s Corner
Healthy Classrooms Foundation: An Effective Model for Medical Student Public Health Engagement
Minaliza Shahlapour, Helen Zukin, Robert N. Golden, MD

Dean’s Corner
Helping to Alleviate the Projected Physician Shortage
Joseph E. Kerschner, MD

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