University of Wisconsin–Madison Medical College of Wisconsin

Volume 121, Issue 2

July 2022

Social Determinants of Health: Exploring Factors That Influence Health Disparities

Access to health care is just one of many factors that influence health and well-being. Others include our communities, housing, education, social support, family income, employment, and childhood experiences. In this issue of WMJ, authors explore several of these influences and some of the ways they lead to health disparities among patients.

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In This Issue
What Is the Clinician’s Role in Advocating for Social Issues? 
Sarina Schrager, MD, MS, WMJ Editor-in-Chief

Fahad Aziz, MD, Named New WMJ Editor-in-Chief

Letter to the Editor
Expanding the Pipeline of Rural Students Interested in Medicine
Jakob Anibas

Preventing Firearm-Related Death and Injury: A Call to Action for Wisconsin Health Systems and the Wisconsin Hospital Association
Melissa Stiles, MD; Stephen Hargarten, MD, MPH; Mary Lauby; Nan Peterson MS, RN; James Bigham, MD, MPH


Treatment Inequity: Examining the Influence of Non-Hispanic Black Race and Ethnicity on Pancreatic Cancer Care and Survival in Wisconsin
Andrea M. Schiefelbein, MSPH; John K. Krebsbach, BS; Amy K. Taylor, MD; Jienian Zhang, MS; Chloe E. Haimson, MS; Amy Trentham-Dietz, PhD; Melissa C. Skala, PhD; John M. Eason, PhD; Sharon M. Weber, MD; Patrick R. Varley, MD, MS; Syed Nabeel Zafar, MD, MPH; Noelle K. LoConte, MD

Documentation of Pain Care and Treatment for Limited English Proficiency Minority Patients With Moderate-to-Severe Pain in Primary Care
Maichou Lor, PhD, RN; Theresa A. Koleck, PhD, RN; Chee Lee, BS, RN; Zer Moua, BA, RN; Joan E. Uminski, PA-C, MMSc

Respiratory Function and Racial Health Disparities With Residential Proximity to Coal Power Plants in Wisconsin 
Michael Hii, BS; Kirsten Beyer, PhD, MPH, MS; Sima Namin, PhD; Kristen Malecki, PhD, MPH; Caitlin Rublee, MD, MPH

Impact Evaluation of Patient-Centered, Community-Engaged Health Modules for Homeless Pregnant Women 
Shelby Nelipovich, MD; Nayanika Kotagiri, MD; Esha Afreen, MD; Morgan A. Craft, MD; Sara Allen, BS; Caroline Davitt, MD; Leslie Ruffalo, PhD; Sabina Diehr, MD

Factors Associated with Cigarette Smoking in Homeless Adults: Findings From an Outpatient Counseling Clinic
Benjamin Wrucke, BS; Lauren Bauer, MD; Rebecca Bernstein, MD

Factors Influencing Show Rates of Emergency Department Referrals to Primary Care Safety Net Clinics
Miranda Brown, BS; Gregory Stadter, MPH; Michael C. Decker, MD

Analysis and Observations of Telehealth in Primary Care Follow-Up Appointments for Vulnerable Populations
Ben Kannenberg, BS; Greg Stadter, MPH

Surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 in Asymptomatic Faculty and Staff at the University of Wisconsin-Madison 
Maureen D. Goss, MPH; Mary M. Checovich, MS; Cristalyne Bell, BS; Shari Barlow, BA; Jonathan L. Temte, MD, PhD

Acceptability and Preferences of Simulation-Based Continuing Education Among Emergency Medical Service Providers 
Michael Mancera, MD; Nicholas Genthe, MD; Megan Gussick, MD; Michael Lohmeier, MD; Ryan Thompson, MD; Manish Shah, MD, MPH


The Effect of Racism and Discrimination on the Health of Milwaukee’s African American Population 
Julie L. Ellis, PhD, RN; Lynne Woehrle, PhD; Sandra Millon-Underwood, PhD; Darryl Davidson, MS; Lucy Mkandawire-Valhmu, PhD; Paru Shah, PhD; Nicole Brookshire, MBA; Jeylan Turkoglu, PharmD; Marques Hogans, MPH


Understanding Barriers to Care for Refugee Patients: Lessons From Focus Groups 
Joanna Balza, RN; Savitri Tsering, MSSW; Julia Dickson-Gomez, PhD; Tierney Hall; Caitlin Kaeppler, MD

Caring for Refugee Patients: An Interprofessional Course in Resettlement, Medical Intake, and Culture 
Alana Petrassi, MD; Melissa Chiu, MD; Kelsey Porada, MA; Bryan Johnston, MD; Michael Toppe, PA-C; Michael Oldani, PhD, MS; Caitlin Kaeppler, MD

A Health Needs Assessment Among Milwaukee’s Homeless
Joshua Matzke, MD; Bryan Johnston, MD; Thomas Schneider, BS; David Nelson, PhD

A Culture and Wellness Pilot to Guide Community Engaged Public Health Research in Native American Populations 
Matthew Dellinger, PhD; Gabrielle O’Keefe, BA; Amy Poupart; Doug Stevens, PhD; Stephanie Thompson; Azael Meza, BS; Laura Cassidy, MS, PhD

Alcohol Use During Chemotherapy: A Pilot Study 
Lin Zhao, MD, MPH; Alexandria Cull Weatherer, MPH; Sarah Kerch, MPH; Tamara LeCaire, MS, PhD; Patrick L. Remington, MD, MPH; Noelle K. LoConte, MD

Discharge When Medically Ready
Yogita Sharma-Segon, MD; Christopher Emanuel, BS; John P. Gaspich III, BS; Verna Seitz, MS, RN, NEA-BC; Christine S. Buth, MHA, BSN, RN, NE-BC; Sarvpreet Ahluwalia, MD; Neha Sharma, MD; Ankur Segon, MD, MPH

The Effect of Weather and Sporting Events on Ambulatory Visits and Hospitalizations at a Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Cynthia Kay, MD, MS; Jeffrey L. Jackson, MD, MPH


Acute Fever of Unknown Origin: A Presentation of West Nile Encephalitis
Mohammed A. Kamalia, BS; Malek E. Ayoub, BS; Britta L. Bureau, BS; Abdul-Rahman K. Abdel-Reheem, BS; Pinky Jha, MD

Fungal Pyelonephritis and Fungemia Due to Obstructive Uropathy 
Margaret W. Lieb, BA, MS; Jennifer J. Dennison, MD; Ateeq Mubarik, MD

Hot Tub Lung: Case Report and Review of the Literature 
Nathan D. Gundacker, MD; Jose Anel Gonzalez, MD; Yuri M. Sheinin, MD, PhD; Todd Hirschtritt, MD


New Developments in Our Understanding of the Origins and Treatment of Asthma 
Daniel J. Jackson, MD; Robert N. Golden, MD

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