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The Exquisite Heart

The Exquisite Heart

The Exquisite Heart
Kaitlin Walsh
Watercolor, 22 x 30


Artist’s Statement
“This painting is a part of my series, Exquisite Anatomy. While I used an actual heart dissection as reference, my hope was that through a carefully chosen palette and composition, the viewer would feel appreciation and awe for the sheer beauty and delicate intricacies of our inner workings, rather than distaste at something typically considered unappealing.”

About the Artist
Kaitlin Walsh specializes in abstract anatomical paintings. From a young age, she exhibited a fascination with both art and medicine. She focused her studies on both disciplines with a graduate degree in medical illustration. After graduation, Kaitlin had a child in the NICU for three months. That experience inspired her to showcase the beauty of the inner body. She launched her studio, Lyon Road Art, in 2015 and has now sold over 50,000 prints of her work. She lives in Madison with her family.

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