University of Wisconsin–Madison Medical College of Wisconsin

Classic Presentation

Classic Presentation

Greta Berger
Digital design created during dermatology unit of medical school

Artist Statement

“As we dissect the etiology of pervasive health disparities seen within medicine, we must look to our training. What narratives have our educational materials taught us? What color, pattern rash do our brains scan for? Do we know what that ‘classic color red’ looks like when our patient has dark skin? And what happens when we don’t?”

Artist Info

Greta Berger is a a second-year medical student at the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Central Wisconsin campus with a love for watercolor painting — and color-coded study guides. Before medical school, she provided Medicaid outreach to individuals battling homelessness or recent incarceration. This experience further fueled her passion for community health and just, accessible health care. As she pursues a career in family medicine, she strives to incorporate these same ideals into her practice, and hopefully share some art along the way too.