University of Wisconsin–Madison Medical College of Wisconsin

End of Democracy

End of Democracy

Mark Weller
Timestacking Photography

Artist Statement

“Columns from the US Capitol moved to the National Arboretum. These Corinthian columns sitting atop of a hill are out of place, and the perfect metaphor for our times. They were once our cherished symbols of the republic. Yet they are now discarded, ‘separate but equal’ and in ‘the back of the bus.’ This allegory is endemic of the way minorities have been treated for years in our country, resulting in high infant mortalities, COVID and disturbing levels of diabetes.”

Artist Info

Timestacking Photographer, artist and Wisconsin native Mark Weller started his early professional career making films in Alaska. In 1980 he moved to Madison, Wisconsin as Wisconsin PBS’s senior producer for news and public affaire creating documentaries for statewide and national audiences. He recently retired after 27 years as President and CEO of a telecommunications firm and is now a full time artist. Weller lives in Waunakee, Wis.