University of Wisconsin–Madison Medical College of Wisconsin

Volume 109, Issue 3

June 2010

Kids’ healthy eating habits grow in the garden

There’s no question eating vegetables is part of a healthy diet. But getting kids to eat them isn’t always easy. This issue of the Wisconsin Medical Journal features findings from a study that found a school-wide gardening program helped lead to an increase in vegetable consumption among school-age youth.

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In This Issue
The Worst Doctor in the Worst Clinic
John J. Frey, III, MD, WMJ Medical Editor
Wis Med J. 2010;109(3):123-124.

As I See It
Seeding New Ideas in Adolescent Eating Habits
Gayathri Chelvakumar, MD, and Elizabeth Kessler, MD
Wis Med J. 2010;109(3):157-158.

Original Research

Examining the Effect of Gardening on Vegetable Consumption Among Youth in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade
William Wright, BA; Laura Rowell, RD, MBA
Wis Med J. 2010;109(3):125-129.

Occupational Respiratory Health: A Survey of Wisconsin Workers Who Wear Respirators
Madeline Oguss, BA; Pamela Rogers, MPH; Henry Anderson, MD
Wis Med J. 2010;109(3):130-135.

The Effect of Physician Workload on an Educational Intervention to Increase Vitamin D Screening
Heather Kramm, MD; Ronald Gangnon, PhD; Andrea N. Jones, BS; Mark Linzer, MD; Karen E. Hansen, MD
Wis Med J. 2010;109(3):136-141.

Medical Student Exposure to and Attitudes about Pharmaceutical Companies
Cody Soyk, BS; Branden Pfefferkorn, MD, MPH; Patrick McBride, MD, MPH; Richard Rieselbach, MD
Wis Med J. 2010;109(3):142-148.

Case Reports

Treatment of Intractable Hip Pain after THA and GTB Using Peripheral Nerve Field Stimulation: A Case Series
Alexander E. Yakovlev, MD; Beth E. Resch, APNP; Sergey A. Karasev, MD
Wis Med J. 2010;109(3):149-152.

HHV-6 Infection in a Case of an Infant with Fever, Seizures, and Shock
Amy N. Thrasher, DO; Michael J. Chusid, MD; Richard D. Jacobson, MD, PhD; Nicole E. St Clair, MD
Wis Med J. 2010;109(3):153-155.

Your Profession

Dean’s Corner
Local Response to Infectious Diseases Facilitated by Resources and Preparedness
Jonathan I. Ravdin, MD
Wis Med J. 2010;109(3):161-162.

Wisconsin Makes Significant Changes to HIV Consent and Disclosure Requirements
Lora L. Zimmer, JD
Wis Med J. 2010;109(3):163-164.

MetaStar Matters
The Surgical Care Improvement/Heart Failure Project
Jay A. Gold, MD, JD, MPH
Wis Med J. 2010;109(3):165-166.

2009 Foundation Fellowship Report
Research Effects of CPR Performed by Bystanders and More
Kari B. Haley
Wis Med J. 2010;109(3):159.

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