University of Wisconsin–Madison Medical College of Wisconsin

Volume 110, Issue 1

February 2011

Diversity and disparities in health and health care

The best way of caring for someone from a very different background than our own is to ask them to be our teachers. In this issue of WMJ, three papers look at diversity from different perspectives: maternity care for women from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, cancer prevention and mortality, and enrollment of minority patients in clinical studies. As our nation continues to grow more diverse, understanding differences among patients is essential for achieving best patient outcomes.

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In This Issue
Diversity in Health, Health Care…and WMJ
John J. Frey, III, MD
WMJ. 2011;110(1):7-8.

Original Research

Comparing PDA- and Paper-based Evaluation of the Clinical Skills of Third-Year Students
Dario M. Torre, MD, MPH, PhD; Robert Treat, PhD; Steven Durning, MD; D. Michael Elnicki, MD
WMJ. 2011;110(1):9-13.

The Impact of Serum Glucose on Clinical Outcomes in Patients Hospitalized with Community-Acquired Pneumonia
Desiree A. Godar; David R. Kumar; Kate M. Schmelzer; Stephen R. Talsness, BA; Hong Liang, PhD; John R. Schmelzer, PhD; Joseph J. Mazza, MD; Steven H. Yale, MD
WMJ. 2011;110(1):14-20.

Persistence in Breast Cancer Disparities Between African Americans and Whites in Wisconsin
Lisa Lepeak, MD; Amye Tevaarwerk, MD; Nathan Jones, PhD; Amy Williamson, MPP; Jeremy Cetnar, MD; Noelle LoConte, MD
WMJ. 2011;110(1):21-25.

Recruiting Latina Families in a Study of Infant Iron Deficiency: A Description of Barriers, Study Adjustments and Review of the Literature
Alyssa K. Phillips, BS; Beth A. Fischer, PhD; Ryan J. Baxter, BS; Sue A. Shafranski, RN; Christopher L. Coe, PhD; Pamela J. Kling, MD
WMJ. 2011;110(1):26-31.


Culturally Specific Maternity Care in Wisconsin
Helen Luce, DO; Jackie Redmer, MD, MPH; Mark Gideonsen, MD; Lee Dresang, MD; Beth Potter, MD; Sarina Schrager, MD, MS
WMJ. 2011;110(1):32-37.

Case Report

Rare Association of Henoch-Schönlein Purpura with Recurrent Endocarditis
Jilaine Bolek Berquist, MD; Christie Michels Bartels, MD, MS
WMJ. 2011;110(1):38-40.

Your Profession

From the Office of General Counsel
When to ‘Friend’ a Patient: Social Media Tips for Health Care Professionals
Michelle Leiker, JD
WMJ. 2011;110(1):42-43.

Dean’s Corner
Institute for Health and Society Provides Framework, Resources for Community-Engaged Activities
John R. Raymond, Sr., MD
WMJ. 2011;110(1):45-46.

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