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The Use of Health Care and Community-Based Services by People Living With Dementia and Their Caregivers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jack F. V. Hunt, MD, PhD; Tamara J. Le Caire, MS, PhD; Molly Schroeder, CSW; Kathleen O’Toole Smith; Katelyn Marschall, MPH; Art Walaszek, MD

WMJ. 2022;121(3):226-230

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Introduction: People living with dementia have been particularly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Methods: A survey of dementia care professionals was conducted to assess the use of health care and community-based services by people living with dementia and their caregivers during the first year of the pandemic.

Results: The survey indicated that most services were no longer being used or were being used less during the pandemic, with a few key exceptions.

Discussion: Many barriers and few facilitators were identified to service use for people living with dementia and their caregivers. The results identify potential gaps in the dementia care service network and may inform efforts to improve dementia care during future large-scale public health emergencies in the state of Wisconsin and beyond.

Author Affiliations: University of California San Diego, Department of Psychiatry, San Diego, California (Hunt); Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute, Madison, Wisconsin (Le Caire, Schroeder, O’Toole Smith, Walaszek); Wisconsin Department of Health, Madison, Wisconsin (Marschall); Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center and University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison, Wisconsin (Walaszek).
Corresponding Author: Art Walaszek, MD, 6001 Research Park Blvd, Madison, WI 53719; phone 608.263.6170; email; ORCID ID 0000-0001-9416-6105
Funding/Support: None declared.
Financial Disclosures: None declared.
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