University of Wisconsin–Madison Medical College of Wisconsin

Black Inside Black

Black Inside Black

Mario Molins

Artist Statement

“My artistic work is focused on Nature, isn’t the human being nature? It seems that some people forget that we all have our differences, but in essence we are seeds that germinate in the same way…people who only believe in differences do not understand their own nature, how can they understand the nature of others? That is why this sculpture poetizes about the origin of every human being and seeks to make us reflect on our origin.”

Artist Info

Mario Molins was born and raised in direct contact with nature. He found something special and mystical in nature, all of which created in him the transcendence and feeling of protection toward it. These deep emotions for nature have made sculptures ‘sprout” that have the tree as the protagonist. For him, it is something sacred, a mystical link with Nature. He finds his essence inside, in his hidden part, he lets it speak to discover a whole world—to show Nature.