University of Wisconsin–Madison Medical College of Wisconsin

Volume 117, Issue 2

June 2018

Breast Cancer: Addressing Disparities, Improving Care

Breast cancer remains the leading cause of new cancer diagnoses among women in the United States and the second leading cause of cancer deaths. This issue of WMJ features studies that explore various efforts to affect breast cancer outcomes.

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In This Issue
Breast Cancer: Addressing Disparities, Improving Care
Sarina Schrager, MD, MS, WMJ Associate Editor


Increasing Mammography Uptake Through Academic-Community Partnerships Targeting Immigrant and Refugee Communities in Milwaukee
Sailaja Kamaraju, MD, MS; Melissa DeNomie, MS; Alexis Visotcky, MS; Anjishnu Banerjee, PhD; Kate Krause, BS; Emmanuel Tavares, BA; Amrita Rao, BS; Elaine Drew, PhD; Joan Neuner, MD, MPH; Melinda Stolley, PhD

Does Progesterone Receptor Matter in the Risk of Recurrence for Patients With Ductal Carcinoma in Situ?
Lubna N. Chaudhary, MD, MS; Zeeshan Jawa, MD; Ahmad Hanif, MD; Aniko Szabo, PhD; Sailaja Kamaraju, MD; Yee Chung Cheng, MD; Christopher R. Chitambar, MD

A Strategy for Changing Adherence to National Guidelines for Decreasing Laboratory Testing for Early Breast Cancer Patients
Laura A. Hill, MD; Choua A. Vang, BS; Colin R. Kennedy, MD; Jared H. Linebarger, MD; Leah L. Dietrich, MD; Benjamin M. Parsons, DO; Joy L. Hennessy, RN; Lonna M. Theede, RN; Laura K. VanderLei, PA-C; Luis D. Ramirez, MPH; Andrew J. Ernst, BS; Jeffrey Landercasper, MD


The Clinical Significance of Relative Bradycardia
Fan Ye MD, PhD; Mohamad Hatahet, MD; Mohamed A. Youniss, MD; Hale Z. Toklu, PhD; Joseph J. Mazza, MD; Steven Yale, MD


A Curriculum for Residents to Develop Successful Quality Improvement Projects
Claudia L. Reardon, MD; Shane Creado, MD; Roderick Hafer, PhD; Emily Howell-Little, MD; Frederick J.P. Langheim, MD, PhD; Elliot R. Lee, MD, PhD; Jennifer M. McDonald, MD; Michael J. Peterson, MD, PhD; Art Walaszek, MD


A Case of Optic Neuritis Secondary to Lyme Disease
Pinky Jha, MD, MPH; Sophie G Rodrigues Pereira, BS; Abhishek Thakur, BS; Gurdeep Jhaj, MD; Sanjay Bhandari, MD

Distal Tibia and Foot Involvement in a Patient With Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia
Priyanka, MD; Richard Mercier, MD; Rahul Raiker, BS; Bindu Potugari, MD


Dean’s Corner
The Aging Imperative—Innovations in Research, Education, and Care in Geriatric Medicine
Sanjay Asthana, MD; Robert N. Golden, MD

Your Practice

Breast Density Notification Law Requires New Patients Notifications
Jennifer Bergin, MD; Alicia Arnold, MD

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