University of Wisconsin–Madison Medical College of Wisconsin

Volume 117, Issue 4

October 2018

Barriers to Birth Control: Why more women aren’t using LARC

Long-acting reversible contraceptives are a highly effective, but perhaps underutilized, method of birth control. In this issue of WMJ, authors of 2 articles explore their history, efficacy and potential barriers to their widespread use.

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Letter to the Editor
Thoughts on ‘The Clinical Significance of Relative Bradycardia’
Ajay Kumar Mishra, MD; Kamal Kant Sahu; Kranis Mark

As I See It
Essential Oils: Initiating a Resident Wellness Program at a Community Hospital
Peter J. Polewski, MD, MA

In This Issue
Sixty Years After the Pill, Medicine Still Needs To Make Progress
John J. Frey III, MD, WMJ Medical Editor

Original Research

Health Care Barriers to Provision of Long-Acting Reversible Contraception in Wisconsin
Emily M. Olson, MD; Renee D. Kramer, MPH; Crystal Gibson, MPH; Cynthia K. Wautlet, MD, MPH; Nicholas B. Schmuhl, PhD; Deborah B. Ehrenthal, MD, MPH


A Review of Long-Acting Reversible Contraception Methods and Barriers to Their Use
Melyssa Baron; Beth Potter, MD; Sarina Schrager, MD, MS

Historical Review
The Legacy of the Seminal Publication by Guillain, Barré, and Strohl: The History Behind the Eponym
Andrew J. Waclawik, MD

Brief Report

The Effect of Understanding Issues of Personal Finance on the Well-being of Physicians in Training
Peter Connelly, MD; Cassandra List, MD

Case Reports

Diabetes Mellitus—Not Just Type 1 or Type 2 Anymore
Aiman Riaz, MD; Michael J. Dolan, MD, FACP

Familial Tako-tsubo Cardiomyopathy: Clinical and Echocardiographic Features Including Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings
Tahir Tak, MD, PhD; Umesh Sharma, MD, MBA; Swetha Karturi, MD; S. Michael Gharacholou, MD

Platypnea-Orthodeoxia: A Case of Unexplained Hypoxia
Nathan Marzlin, MD; Sara Dunbar, DO; Michael Cinquegrani, MD

Your Profession

Dean’s Corner
Shared Knowledge in Precision Cancer Care
Mark E. Burkard, MD, PhD; Robert N. Golden, MD

Metastar Matters
Wisconsin Health Care Making Progress Toward CMS Quality Strategy Goals, Part II
Kristin Westphal, MS; Jody Rothe, RN

Your Practice

The Safety of Consistency in a Changing World
W. Stancil Starnes, JD

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